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Blinging Bullets, or (BlingingBullets as knows us,) started out as charm bracelets made with bullet charms. Each piece was carefully crafted and put together with great care. These bracelets slowly led to necklaces, and the necklaces led to earrings. And then, after being repeatedly asked at gun shows if we would ever consider selling concealed carry purses, the decision was made to morph the company to include modern day, standard looking purses. That was several years back and things have really launched! Now days the charm bracelets make an occasional appearance, but the main focus is bullet earrings and concealed carry purses. 


We pride ourselves on providing a wide range of purses to chose from. It is a constant goal to provide a wide range of styles, (standard every use to wild skulls and flashy flashy styles.) Unfortunately we are a small company so we are limited on how much stock we can have at any one moment, but generally we try to have at least 40 different styles available for your shopping pleasure. 

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