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Due to measure 114 in Oregon playing havoc with gun shows, gun shops, etc., we have temporarily suspended any additional financial burdens on our little business.

This business is a side hobby and at the moment the costs are much higher than the income, (thank you inflation!), and without shows we have no way to sell our product and cover overhead.

This change does include firing our credit card company which means we will no longer be accepting credit cards. All purchases will be cash/money order only, (no Venmo/Paypal). Thank you for understanding! 

Feel free to look around and contact us if you see something you like.  

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"They're always nice and give you their time and talk to you. Summer is very sweet thanks so much. I will look for new items. ️ <3"

"Very nice people to talk to"

"Great experience!"

"Best customer service experience I've had in a long time. She explained several options for me and allowed me to try the product. Thank you so much!"

"Very friendly and informative! Keep up the good work!!"

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