September 2019 Newsletter

The Roseburg Gun Show has been booked!

On September 14th & 15th look for us at the Douglas County Fairgrounds for the Rosburg Rod & Gun Club Gun & Knife Show. Admission has been simplified this year by making it $7 for the entire weekend! So, come look on Saturday, and come back on Sunday to buy those things you dreamed about all night.

As always, parking is free, a fantastic food vendor will be there, and, because they think ahead, an ATM is on site.

Blinging Bullets will be in the house with 50+ concealed carry purses, (some with matching wallets,) LethalLace, custom (handmade) Ammo Jewelry and various other Ammo Designs, (pushpins, magnets, and windchimes.) You can preview all items on our webage. If it's in stock, it's online!

This is a fun show! Easy in and out since it’s right off the freeway on the south end of Roseburg, and there are lots and lots of things to see! It is normal for us to see people circling, shopping, eating, laughing and hanging out for 4 or 5 hours. Make sure to stop by and say hi if you decide to hit up this show!


LethalLace is getting more traction

We’ve been caring LethalLace for the last 2 years. When the design first came out, I questioned the practicality of it. But, as time went by, I started it hear more and more positive feedback, so I bought one. I’m always on the lookout for concealed carry options for women that work well will my “pop-up” type of shows. After wearing an Universal Holster, (can be worn anywhere on the body,) for two days I was very very impressed. No impression of the gun, it was soft and comfy, I didn’t end up with weird lines on my skin, and I forgot I had it on. I placed an order the next day to sell at my shows! I have received rave reviews back from a lot of my buyers. Word of caution though, make sure you buy LethalLace and not one of the cheaper knockoffs. The cheapy ones lose their stretch, become hot, and just don’t fit right. Interested in checking one in person? Send us an email and we can see what we can do!

We carry Lethal Lace in 3 colors, two carry options, and two different sizes. We even have a leg wrap for men! (It’s called LethalAce, how clever!) Personally, I’d rather have the lace, it is much more breathable than the stuff they made the men’s version out of. Want to see how it works? Head to YouTube and search for "Lethal Lace".


Upcoming Shows

With a little spying, we were able to track down the dates for the Medford Gun Show at the Medford Rifle & Pistol Club on Vilas Road, (Central Point, Oregon). According to their calendar, look for their show in November on the 9th and 10th. Hours are 9am - 5pm on Saturday, (the 9th,) and 9am - 3pm on Sunday, (the 10th).

And, we have the Kl