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January 2020 Newsletter

New Exciting Events!

Some exciting developments happened yesterday. I received the final confirmation that we have been accepted to be one of 8 vendors hand-selected to attend the Bacon and Barrels Festival in Central Point on January 24th and 25th!

This event is a first for the Jackson County Fairgrounds, and centers around bacon themed events, tastings, contests, as well as bartending competitions, local distillery competitions, various classes and more than I can mention. On, and live music! We are pretty excited to be a part of such a large event. If you are attending the Festival, don't forget to stop by and say hi!

RFID Wallets are now a permanent addition

One of the two new lines added to the Blinging Bullets lineup is a selection of men's and women's Leather RFID wallets.

What are RFID wallets? Well, they are wallets that have been designed to protect your credit cards and drivers licenses from electronic pickpocketing. Thieves use devices to electronically scan near you and because of the data stored on your cards via chips, etc., they can collect your card information. Weird, huh? These wallets help block that scanning signal. We are selling them from $15 - $22 depending on the style and size.

Can Can Concealment

We are in the final steps of adding in a holster line that we are so excited about! The brand is Can Can Concealment and they are amazing! Not only are they pretty and functional, the owner can do custom sizing, (she told me yesterday that she just finished one in a 6x!), but they have a men's line as well.

Unfortunately, due to the Chinese clones on Amazon and Ebay, they have changed the structure of their company. How this impacts all shoppers is that we will not have a full stock of her line, we will have a small sampling for sizing, sales examples, and the occasional immediate buy. For anyone interested, they will need to place the order with us and we will have Can Can Concealment ship directly to you. The advantage of going through Blinging Bullets is that you can see the product first hand and even try it on before ordering. And, this increases the warranty coverage.

Upcoming Shows

Our 2020 Season is lining up nicely. We have already successfully completed our first show of the year, with Bacon and Barrels coming up the end of the month. Following that we have the Roseburg Gun Show, the Medford Rifle/Pistol Club Show (pending), The Lake County/Lakeview Show (new show!), Klamath Falls, and then the Blackberry Festival in Sutherlin.

As always, all the deets on our schedule can be found at

Want to earn a free purse?

Did you know that we do Purse Parties? It’s pretty simple. You invite a minimum of 5 friends, and for each purse they buy, you get $10 off the purse of your choice. So, all 5 friends buy? You get $50 off! (No custom orders, based on the products on hand.) And, for simply booking the event, you get a pair of Ammo Earrings! You provide the place, the people, and food/drinks, and I bring all the goods! AND, something fun is ALWAYS on sale just for the purse party attenders! Interested? Just send us a message at

NOTE: We are located in Southern Oregon and as such are limited to Purse Parties and LethalLace demos in that region only. So sorry if this impacts you! We wish we could meet all of you face to face!


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