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Backpacking through Vegas

A few weeks back I was doing a swap-a-roo between all the purses. I was pulling from Grants Pass and Winston for a big "Ladies Night Party" and the Roseburg Gun Show. In the process I grabbed both of the Montana West backpacks. Now, I'll admit I have an addiction to these little backpacks. I'm pretty sure that dates me as a 90's girl, but, facts are facts. When it came time to put some of the purses back in Winston before I left on my vacation I hesitated when it came to this little guy. And then I had a BRILLIANT thought! I need a less-baggy bag for my trip and this backpack might be the perfect fit. So, I smuggled it into the house and stuck all my "traveling necessities" in it, you know..... phone, wallet, lipstick, chapstick, notepaper, pens, room confirmations, Aleve, watch, and of course, my little Ruger 380.

Holy crap. It all fit, which was suprising because it's not a very big bag.

I was sold! I packed this backpack all over Vegas. Best decision ever! I felt extra secure with both a zipper and a fold over flap. I had a moment when I was sitting at a bar and had nowhere to put my bag so I unzipped the straps, (they zipper together to make a single strap,) and slipped it on my back. Perfect.

I should mention that before leaving for Vegas I did deck out my backpack so it could be all Vegas bling with one of my purse charms, (the biggest and blingy-est I had of course.)

By the end of trip I had crammed it full of AAA maps, room keys, phone chargers, ipod, gum, small gifts and my husband's crap. I even got compliments on this bag!

Now that I'm home I'll unpack and go back to my regular purse.... or maybe not.... why not be different for a little bit?

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