Meet Jessi!

Jessi is a fun, camouflage bracelet! Jessi is made of camo and hunter orange colored cord threaded through a metal chain. Her charms consist of stones, glass beads and metal, (a cross and a feather,) the word "HUNT" spelled out in beads, and with two of my signature bullets! The whole bracelet is colored in hunter orange, (and is it bright!) Jessi is a great accessory for the outdoors girl who wants to show of her feminine yet outdoorsy/hunting side. Two bullets, previously shot with used primers still in the center, are fashioned into charms and are a part of Jessi's collection of bling.

The bracelet is approximately 7"+ long with a fish shaped clasp so she stays securely on your wrist.


Because this item is also availble for sale at shows, etc., if you purchase this item and it has already been sold in our store, you will be notified and refunded your amount, or given the opportinity to select a different version. 

Jessi - A Fun Camouflage and Hunter Orange Charm Bracelet with Two Bullet Charms

  • All sales are final. No returns or exchanges.

  • This jewelry is a delicate piece of handmade jewelry and I would like to pass along a friendly piece of advice. Because the jewelry is made from authentic ammunition casings, the metal needs to be treated very delicately. The metal, because it is brass, will begin to “dezincify”, or corrode, if stored in a high moisture environment. To keep your jewelry looking new, please store in a dry location. If for some reason, you notice some “green” appearing on your jewelry, simply clean with a brass cleaner or acetone.