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February 13th and 14th

6am to 6pm

Located at Welburn's Weapons, this fabulous Valentine's Day shopping event features three amazing local businesses! Come shop for that special girl, (or guy!), at a unique two day event! Amazing gift ideas, deals and discounts, and gifts that will put you on the top of the "favorite person ever" list! Create special memories and win some BIG bonus points!

We've got roses, chocolates, flowers, balloons, gun purses, ammo jewelry, ammo themed designs, holsters, guns, and many small gift ideas! 


Welburn's Weapons, Budding Inspiration & Blinging Bullets will make your Valentine's gifts really stand out!


The event is free to attend.


Located at Welburn's Weapons right next to Diner 62 and the new Expressway Interchange in White City.

Guns & Roses Ad - Valentine's Shopping Event
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