How Do I Order A Concealed Carry Purse?

All purses are "pickup only", and for good reason. The cost to ship drives the price up, and second, 75% of online concealed carry purse purchases end up being a disappointment when viewed only online. It's important to hold it, feel it, and see if the draw position is comfortable for you and if your gun will fit. Since I do not accept returns, it's really not fair to ask someone to pay $15+ for shipping and then have it be un-returnable.

What Brand Purses Do You Carry?

We carry a variety of brands to provide varies styles and price ranges. Some of the brands we carry are Montana West, Emperia Outfitters, Soul West and Jessie James.

Can I Place A Custom Earring Order?

Yes and no. If you are ordering a standard "Bullet Only" earring and want a specific color, (blue, green, pink, etc.), we can accommodate you. But, if you are trying to match and exact color, (like for a wedding, prom, etc.,) we cannot guarantee and exact color match. We am at the mercy of Swarovski and their beautiful crystals. Also, we can custom order for nickle or brass casing settings, but I can't always match and exact caliber, but we do my best to find what you want.

If you are ordering a set of earrings with charms, email and we can check to see if I have any charms you want in stock.

Are the Earrings Even Real Bullet Casings?

Yes! We personally select the brass and custom cut each and every one. All the casings are from previously fired bullets. They have been cleaned up and upcycled to make earrings.

What in the Heck Can't I Order the Purses Online? And Where Are the Prices?

For the "why can't I order" question, please see the first question on the FAQ. And on the lack of prices? Keep reading....

We pride ourselves in trying to sell the concealed carry purses for less than MSRP. Unfortunately, the companies we order from do not allow up to advertise our "below cost prices". So, what is shown is the suggested MSRP but a lot of the purses are actually less. We have chosen to not list the MSRP, (or our actual prices), to avoid confusion, and to avoid losing our right to sell certain brands. Curious what the price is on a certain purse? Just email us! 

Where Are You Located?

We are in Southern Oregon in the Medford area. We do not have a store front, but do have the ability to showcase the items for you.  We can also be found at local gun shows, street fairs, community events, etc. Check the "Events" tab to see where we can be found. If you are local to the area one of us can always meet you somewhere to let you look at the purses. 

Payment and Shipping

Payments can be made online through the Check Out option. Once the payment is received, your order will ship out within 3-5 days. 

Returns & Refunds

We do not accept returns or refunds. All the earrings are non-returnable for obvious safety reasons. If I were to accept a jewelry return I would be unable to resell it. Because of this, I suggest you ask questions and look at the pictures before purchasing.

Privacy Policy

Any information provided during communications and purchasing is kept strictly confidential. No need to worry about your information being sold off! I don't like it when it's done to me, so I definitely won't do it to you!